Press Release from the Algerian Citizen Movement in France about Chakib Khelil June 22, 2016

Chakib Khelil !!! What is wrong with Chakib Khelil? El Watan commented on his hypocritical return!  We'll have to believe that they have evidence to convict him! Where is the evidence? Why not put it at the disposal of justice? Otherwise, have the courage to publish it to inform citizens !!!

It is a Diversion !!!

Why let Chakib Khelil leave the country if there was evidence of this alleged corruption?

The cabal was organized against Chakib Khelil to reach the president since each time we mentioned this case, one also speaks of the president, his family and his entourage!
Does not it aims to weaken Sonatrach? It is not excluded either!

Being resident in France, I thought it my duty to seek the truth about the alleged embezzlement of Algerian people. The FSCM then filed a complaint in Paris to seize assets and block bank accounts of people quoted in Milan (Italy) where they are defendants. The  Algerian Citizen Movement in France therefore holds truths that no one else has.

Milan prosecutor Fabio Depasquale said during the first hearing that he would bring Chakib Khelil in his office sooner or later, but three months later, he announced that he had found nothing to his name, so he could not convene nor charge !!!

So if you believe all these stories in the press ... Or those "anonymous" comments ... They are a diversion. Again the one who has evidence should give them !!! I responded to the  Islamist MP Hacène Laribi claiming a transfer of 195 million dollars transferred into a bank account in the name of Chakib Khelil USA ... I told him that it was all lies, I would file a complaint against him in Algiers... I reserve the right to sue him for not reporting a crime !!! I imagine that his parliamentary immunity would not be an obstacle.

The coordinator of the
Algerian Citizen Movement in France

 Ait Omar Mokhtar Algiers, 03/18/2016